2017 NSCAA Convention

The following affiliates will be presenting at the 2017 NSCAA Convention:

The NSCAA prides itself on bringing together the top names in the game at its annual convention.  Attendees can experience sessions with presenters who've won World Cups, Olympic Medals, and National Championships.  You will have access to presenters from the some of the most prominent professional and youth clubs from around the globe, as well as top college programs in the country.


Professional Clubs


Youth Organizations


Ian Barker, Vince Ganzberg, Tony DiCicco, Neil Hull, Dave Newbery, Jeff Tipping, & Doug Williamson Emma Hayes,
Ladies Head Coach
Amanda Cromwell,
Head Women's Coach; Aline Reis, Goalkeeper Coach; Jorge Salcedo, Head Men's Coach
Carlos Juarez, Technical Director
Bruce Arena, Molly Downtain, Rick Eddy, Brad Friedel, Frank Tschan

Jim Albertson, David Castenada, Peter Mariahazy, & Sam Snow
Kristen Andrews, Chris Klein, Bert Madlebaum, Mike Munoz, Ivan Pierra Lesle Gallimore,
Head Women's Coach
Derek Barraza,
President; Stephen Hoffman, Technical Director
Jeff Agoos, Vice President of Competition; Fred Lipka, Technical Director of Youth Players and Development; 

Erik Imler,
Territory Manager; Phil Wheddon, GK One LLC.
Martin Hunter, Technical Director;
Andy Martino, Football Development Manager
Tim Vom Steeg,
Head Men's Coach
Mark Spooner, Girl's Director of Coaching;Cody Worden, USDA Director Hansi Flick
Sporting Director, Former Men's National Team Assistant; Bernd Stober, Coach Educator

Hope Powell, First Female Coach Educator for the PFA Ali Curtis,
Sporting Director; Ricky King, Education Manager; Jerome Vivona, Regional Manager
Becky Burleigh,
Head Women's Coach
Rene Miramontes,
Director of Coaching
Romeo Jozak,
Technical Director

Raymond Verheijen, Founder Laura Harvey,
Head Coach
Janet Rayfield, Head Women's Coach;Jeff Freeman,Assistant Women's Coach Brian Kuk, Executive Director Jean Claude Giuntini, U19 Men's National Team Head Coach

Todd Beane,
Gerald Asamoah; Bodo Menze, Manager of International Relations Ralph Perez, Head Men's Soccer Coach; Cyndi Goodwin,
Assistant Women's Coach
Shannon MacMillan,
Director of Club Operations
Jim Fleeting, Director of Football Development; Donald Park, Head of Coach Education

Skye Eddy Bruce, Founder Willie McNab,
Academy Manager
Anson Dorrance,
Head Women's Coach
John Madding,
CEO & Technical Director
Raul, Gari Fullaondo, Hugo Blanco

Celia Slater, Founder Mike Rabasca, Director, Cognitive Development; Devin Pleuler, Manager of Analytics Sasho Cirovski, Head Men's Coach Dauoda Kante, Kansas Rush Executive Director Lisa Cole, Head Coach U20 Women's National Team

Donna Fishter, Founder Tom Byer, Consultant Chris West, Associate Head Coach for Strength & Conditioning Steve Allison,
Director of College Placement
Bill Sampaio,
National Director

John O' Sullivan, Founder Sebastian Dremmler, U16 Head Coach Mike Friesen, Head Women's Coach Louise Waxler, Executive Director

Theresia Wynns,
Director of Sports & Officials Education
John DeWitt, Sports Performance Coach; Oliver Gage, Performance Analyst Paul Marco, Head Men's Coach Niall Foy, Rhona Higgins, Scott Snyder, Dave Thomas

Brent Paulson, Chief Strategic Officer Paolo Pacione,Head of Performance/Fitness Coach Keidane McAlpine, Head Women's Soccer Coach
James Wagenschutz, Director of Athletic Performance & Development Academy

Jeff Gordon, Sunny Hills High School
Dave Tenney, Director of Performance & Sports Science Dr.Tom Kaminski; Matt Robinson

Xavi Guila, Partner
Stewart Mairs, Director of Soccer Strategy

Dr. Michael Khadavi
Paul Holocher, Director of Player Development

Gido Vader, Manager of International Relations; Melvin Boel, International Development Coach

Nora Dooley, Brian Suskiewicz

Michael Vaughan Cherubin